15.09. – 09.11.2022
Vernissage 开幕式 15.09.2022, 7pm

Peking into Beijing 北京背景

LS Lee 李立新
A stare, a glance, a peek. The little urban expressions that we always see but often not notice. These are the ordinary, routine, even mundane moments that unfold daily on the streets yet, with the right light, timing and framing, can reveal something about ourselves, about our inescapable Human Condition that we are all afflicted with. No where is that more true than in the vastness of Beijing and, in particular, the city’s centre, in the hutongs.
The presented photos were deliberately selected from before covid-19 as a record, an expression and a reminder of the times we used to have and that we hope to have again.
LS Lee is a British-Hong Kong photographer who has been based in Beijing for over 6 years. More of his works can be seen at lapsunlee.com



李立新是一位出生在英国的香港裔摄影师,他在北京已经生活了6年多了。如果你对他的作品感兴趣的话可以访问他的个人网站 lapsunlee.com
Exhibition Peking into Beijing

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15.09. – 09.11.2022
Vernissage 开幕式 15.09.2022, 7pm

Peking into Beijing 北京背景

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