Between Berlin and Beijing 柏林和北京之间

Julia Hofmann
I drift between Germany and China, between Berlin and Beijing. Both places feel like home. Two perspectives, two cultures, and two realities that sometimes contradict each other. I’ve found that being adrift helps me to become an observer. An observer of the daily life, realities, and habits in the two places. I watch each place’s values, beliefs, and emotions to layer them into my reality.

For this ongoing project, I work with analog black-and-white photography double-exposed in Berlin and Beijing, printed on fabric. The light fabric I use to print my work reflects the fluid, unpredictable nature of drifting between places and the feeling of floating between them.


两个地方的日常生活、现实和习惯让我审视每个地方的价值观、信仰和情感,它们融入到我的现实生活中。 于是,我是本地人、外国人还是介于两者之间并不重要。

对于这个正在进行的项目,我在柏林和北京使用二次曝光的黑白胶片摄影,照片印刷在织物上。 我用来印刷作品的轻质织物反映了在不同地点之间漂泊的流动性、不可预测性以及漂浮在它们之间的感觉。


Julia Hofmann, born in South Germany, lives and works in Berlin and Beijing.

Julia studied Sinology, Multimedia Photography, and Graphic Design in Germany and China. Currently, she works as a freelance Graphic and Web Designer designer. To her, photography is a way to explore emotions. She is also fascinated by cultural backgrounds, and how they alter the reality we see and, in turn, influence the emotions we have.

Julia works with analogue black-and-white photography and Cyanotype. Through different techniques during the exposure and after development, she modifies the reality of the immediate environment.

何悠丽 (Julia Hofmann),出生于德国南部,在柏林和北京之间生活和工作。

Julia 学习了汉学、多媒体摄影和平面设计。目前,主业是自由平面和网页设计师。对她来说,摄影是探索情感的一种方式。她对不同文化背景着迷,试图理解它们是如何改变我们所看到的现实,从而影响我们的情感。

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