29.08.2021, 10am - 2pm

Vegan Brunch

We are excited to present yet another edition of our fabulous “Vegan Vibes @ Zarah” brunch! On August 29th (10am-2pm) this 100% plant-based and 100% delicious Sunday Brunch will welcome Beijinger to indulge in the unique plant-based cuisine scene in our city.
Whether you are a full-time vegan, a veg-curious, usually-not-vegan-but-occasionally-veggie-person-tarian, or just fancy a healthy Sunday Brunch, every Veg* status is welcome to join “Vegan Vibes”.
Through our series of “Vegan Vibes @ Zarah” events, we aim to add an all exclusive plant-based all-you-can-eat brunch to Beijing’s brunching options. We want to introduce you to various exciting vegan-friendly brands available in the capital. During every “Vegan Vibes” event, different featured brands with plant-based products will be joining our buffet.
At our fifth “Vegan Vibes” brunch , Grassroots, the brand-new dairy alternative company, will feature its delicious vegan cheese selection. Grassroots was founded in 2021 with the clear mission to develop plant-based dairy alternatives – completely free of cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, and animal cruelty.
This time, we will also have JOOMA, the almond-based yogurt company from Germany, who will join us with its healthy, dairy-free yoghurt which is free of lactose, gluten and GMO. JOOMA will be available in the following 5 flavours at our vegan dessert section: pure, mango-passionfruit, blueberry, raspberry & cherry.
We are also thrilled to announce that we will be partnering again with the Beijing-based meat alternative producer Zhenrou, who will enrich our buffet line with many plant-based meat dishes made of pea protein.
We are also planning to pamper you with vegan omelets, scrambled eggs and DIY vegan jianbings at our live egg-cooking station using JUST EGG, the innovative & sustainable egg substitute made from mung beans.
Our bread supplier FB Solution will indulge you with freshly baked bread, including its popular German sourdough bread which will be amongst the vegan baked goods.
And finally, our beautiful selection of colorful appetizers, healthy salads, dips, savory hot dishes, vegan sausages & cold cuts, and homemade vegan cakes from every corner of the globe will be included in the all-you-can-eat brunch at RMB 198 per person incl. one drink.
Our all-you-can-eat-and-drink option (RMB 298 per person) will also be on offer, with free flow wines & prosecco, Jing-A Mandarin Wheat and Zarah’s specialty cocktails using only seasonal and fresh ingredients.
We will also turn our beautiful cappuccinos and lattes into delicious, vegan-friendly coffees prepared with oatmilk instead of cow’s milk.
If you missed our last “Vegan Vibes” brunch, then make sure you secure your seat for August 29th to treat your taste buds to new food & flavors and meet Beijing’s vegan-friendly brands.

非常高兴再次推出我们的“纯素气氛@ Zarah”早午餐!8月29日(10:00-14:00),这顿100%以植物为基底,100%美味的周日早午餐将欢迎你的到来,并使你沉浸在这座城市独有的纯植物基底的美食中。
通过我们一系列的“纯素气氛@ Zarah”早午餐活动,我们的目标是给北京的早午餐增加一个独一无二的纯植物基底随便吃的选择。同时我们也很兴奋的向你介绍北京的一些素食友好品牌。在每一次的“素食主义氛围”活动中,都将会有不同特色品牌的纯素产品加入我们的自助餐!
我们也很高兴地宣布,这一次我们将再次与北京的肉类替代品生产商Zhenrou 共同合作,他们提供了许多由豌豆蛋白制成的植物性肉类菜肴,大大丰富了我们的自助餐选择。
还有,JUST EGG也将会与我们一起,我们还计划用纯素蛋卷、纯素炒蛋,还有DIY纯素煎饼来款待您。JUST EGG采用创新方法,用绿豆为替代品制成了纯素鸡蛋。
我们的面包供应商FB solution提供新鲜的烘焙面包——一种全新的德式酸面包也会让你沉迷于其中。
Brunch Buffet Prices 早午餐价格
RMB 298 ALL YOU CAN EAT & DRINK / 随便吃+畅饮
RMB 98 KIDS 6 to 12 / 孩子 6到12岁)*
*For kids below 6 complimentary 5岁以下小朋友免费
Reservation highly recommended! 强烈建议您提前预约!
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