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South China Fishing Culture 中国南方渔业文化

Cecile Zehnacker
“It took me a while to shape and finalize this series, featuring pictures taken in 2016, 2021 and 2022 in south China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Fujian Province in the southeast, which represents some iconic fishing scenes of South China. Despite the development of large-scale fishing techniques, fishing culture and traditions continue to play a big part in the local economy and life. From fixing nets and boats to shucking fish and seashells, to posing in traditional outfits and performing old techniques for tourists, many people still make a living out of the fishing industry and the various trades that revolve around it.”

“我花了好长时间来设计、完成此系列展,作品包括我于2016、2021、2022年在广西壮族自治区和福建等地拍摄的照片。 它们讲述了中国南方的一些标志性的渔猎场景。 尽管当下大规模捕鱼技术得到了长足发展,但从前这些老的捕鱼文化和传统仍在当地人的经济和生活中延续着,作用依旧那么重要。 从修网修船到剖鱼和去壳,再到穿着传统服装为游客表演古老的捕鱼技术,无不体现出人们对传统技艺的传承与重视。直至今日,仍有许多人以捕鱼及相关行业为生。”

About the photographer

Cecile Zehnacker is a French photographer who has been living in Beijing since 2014. In 2015, she started working as a new media consultant for a Chinese media outlet, which invited her to take part in several travels and events, and offered her a chance to start her photography journey. She has since traveled through China and Asia to capture people and local cultures, with a special focus on vanishing local traditions. Her works have been exhibited in galeries in Morocco where she has been living as well, and published in Chinese media. Although her main focus is on travel and documentary photography, she also does commercial photography and personal portraits. You can find out more about her work at www.cecilezehnacker.com.

Cecile Zehnacker是一位法国摄影师。2014年来北京工作。2015年起在一家中国媒体担任新媒体顾问,闲暇时间摄影。因工作关系她经常受邀到中国各地出差,参加活动。正因为有了这样的机会,她才开启了自己的摄影之旅。这些年来,她走访了中国和亚洲许多地方,拍摄了许多当地独特的风土人情。她尤其注重纪录正在消失的当地传统文化。 她的摄影作品在她曾经居住的摩洛哥展出过,有些也曾在中国的媒体发表。 她主要从事旅行和纪实摄影,但也从事商业摄影和个人肖像摄影。欲知详情,请点击 www.cecilezehnacker.com 了解更多信息。
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