16.12.21 – 09.02.22
Vernissage 开幕式 17.12.21, 8pm

Tipsy Lullaby 杳杳长短句

“Tipsy Lullaby”, captures unreversed time and emotional moments from across the globe. Each photo is not only an intimate moment in time, but also a lyric that forms part of the “lullaby”, from scenes that are reminiscent of the genuineness, tenderness, and the silence within. Visual languages do not speak; however, they have soundless sensitivity which create a subtle melody in a natural way.

Claire Ziyi Jiang is a Chinese photographer who has recently relocated to Beijing after living in the U.S. for almost a decade. By spending her time wandering around each corner of the world, she has seized unique and diverse observation through photography. Claire is currently full time in art and design industry, and a part-time foodie.

You can follow Claire on Instagram @claireorfrancis

“Tipsy Lullaby”记录了一些世界并不关心的瞬间,这些片刻也许无人理会。然而,目光所至之处所获得的真诚和自由,已被摄影者深藏于心底,并将这些杳然无声的片刻组成了漫漫长短句。

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