14.02.2023, 7pm - late


If you screw Valentine’s Day and are only waiting for the discounted chocolate on February 15th, or if your Valentine runs on batteries and you are usually having a threesome for Valentine’s Day: you, Ben & Jerry…then we have the right party for you!
Take the pressure off of Valentine’s Day and swing by Zarah on Tuesday, February 14th because we are BOYCOTTING the way Valentine’s Day represents fairytale romance and its celebration as a couples’ parade to exchange mass-produced feelings. Therefore, instead of a mushy-gushy Valentine’s Dinner, we are throwing a “Saint Valentine Remembrance Party” in order to cheers to the martyr of the 3rd century.
Unfortunately, not many people know that Valentine’s Day traces its origin to Saint Valentine who was a priest during the Roman Empire who secretly performed weddings for soldiers & Christians who were forbidden to marry under the Roman Empire. Upon being caught, he was imprisoned, tortured, and martyred in Rome on February 14th, 269.
In honor of Saint Valentine, we will put on a whole night Happy Hour offering all open wines and sparkling wine at RMB 45 per glass.
Moreover, from 7pm – 10pm the following delicious 3-course-set dinner menu will be available with an interesting local twist at RMB 288 for singles and RMB 576 for couples, including a glass of sparkling wine per person.
Instead of listening to seemingly endless playlists of love ballads, dance your cares away at Zarah with live DJs until late hours.
Whether you are single, a couple or a “Love-Stinks-Let’s-Drink”-person, let’s get all together on February 14th at Zarah to raise our glasses in a toast to the martyr Saint Valentine.

如果你搞砸了西方情人节,然后等着2月15日打折的巧克力, 如果你的情人是“它”, 如果在情人节的时候你经常三人行:你,Ben & Jerry(美国冰激凌牌子)……那么我们为你准备了一个合适的派对!
为了纪念圣瓦伦丁,整晚我们都会有happy hour,也就是所有单杯卖的葡萄酒和起泡酒都是45元/杯。
所以,不管你是单身,情侣还是“Love-Stinks-Let’s-Drink”,让我们在2月14日一起相聚Zarah,为烈士Saint Valentine干杯!

Saint Valentine Remembrance Menu:
Aperitif 小吃
Homemade Pesto served with Baby Mantou from Shandong

Appetizer 开胃菜
Hot Ricotta Bruschetta with Orange Zest, fresh Mint & Loquat Honey from Sichuan (veg.)

Mains 主食
Filet Mignon in Mushroom-Red Wine Sauce with Cabernet Sauvignon from Xinjiang


Creamy Truffle Tagliatelle in White Wine Sauce with Wild Mushrooms from Yunnan (veg).

Dessert 甜点
Homemade White Chocolate Raspberry Tiramisu with Berries from Fujian
Three Course Valentine's Dinner 三道菜情人节晚餐套餐 (7pm - 10pm)
RMB 288 for Singles incl. 1 glass of Sparkling/位 包含一杯起泡酒
RMB 576 for Couples incl. 2 glasses of Sparkling /2位 包含2杯起泡酒
RSVP until 12.02.2023 预定截止至2023年2月12日
+86 10 84039807
Valentinesday Party @Zarah
Guloudongdajie No.46, Dongcheng District, 100009 Beijing, P.R. China

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SUN-THU 周日之周四 10AM - 12PM
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