31.12.2021, 7pm until late 至深夜


When you think of the 80s, cheese fondue might not exactly be what comes to mind…
But did you know that besides walkmans, shoulder pads, E.T., aerobics, and of course music legends like David Bowie, Madonna and Michael Jackson, bubbling pots of melted Swiss cheese were the absolute 80s party food? A fondue pot was all the rage and a must-have at any house party. So, to bring back the craze-filled, care-free days of the 80s, Zarah will have an awesome cheese fondue 80s party for you to ring in the new year!
Come and join our “Retro 80s Cheese-Fondue Party” on New Year’s Eve! On the very last day of 2021, a delicious cheese fondue will be waiting for you, which will come with a free flow buffet of various popular dippers, yummy appetizers and homemade desserts (7pm -10pm). All night long and into the early hours of 2022, the biggest hits of the 80s will ring you into the right mood and make you travel back in time to the colorful decade of wild toys & questionable fashion choices, while you enjoy your last Cheese Fondue of the year!
Roll up your Miami Vice jacket and get your leg warmers, wide belts, and jelly shoes ready because we’re about to go into full retro 80s mode!
Guests showing up dressed in their 80s best will get a drink on the house!
And if you dare, bring your fabulous mullets, mohawks, and crimped or teased up hair!
Let’s welcome 2022 together at Zarah and dance the night away to the greatest hits of the 80s! Bring your mirror balls and sequenced outfits, big hoops and neoned out jeggings and come dance with us. As long as we don’t moonwalk back into 2020, we’ll be a-ok!
穿上你的Miami Vice外套,准备好长腿袜、宽腰带和果冻鞋,因为我们即将开启完全复古的80年代模式。

Reservation of minimum 2 persons needed. 两人起订
RSVP 预订截止时间: 30.12.2021
010-84039807 / info@cafezarah.com
Cheese Fondue Buffet 奶酪火锅自助餐 7pm -10pm
RMB 258/位 per person incl. one welcome drink 包含一杯饮品
RMB 98 kids/位 (6-12 years) incl. one drink 6-12岁小朋友,包含一杯饮品
RMB 98 Top-up Cheese 份加奶酪(正常奶酪火锅一人份量)
New Year 80's Cheesefondue Party
Guloudongdajie No.46, Dongcheng District, 100009 Beijing, P.R. China

Opening hours 营业时间:
SUN-THU 周日之周四 10AM - 12PM
FRI+SAT 周五和周六 10AM - 1AM

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