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11.12.2021, 11am - 4pm

Give a Present Christmas Market

Christmas is around the corner! Also, this year we want that LOVE rules and not mass consumption because we don’t like how Christmas has become a holiday of intense materialism, superficial gift-exchanging & feasting and less about family gatherings, hope and giving back.
If you also think it’s time to put an end to the mindless holiday consumerism, then join our “Give a Present Christmas Market” @ Zarah on December 11th.
Get special gifts such as self-made jewelry, skincare / zero-waste products, handmade soaps, cards & illustrations, vegan cakes, delicious nut butters, Tibetan candies and many other special DIY handicrafts and support local businesses at the same time.
If you are advocating a totally gift-free Christmas, then still come and don’t buy any presents but “give” presents to children in need. Also, this year we will collect gifts under our beautiful Christmas Tree which will be sent to the Beijing-based NGO “Migrant Children Foundation” (MCF) that aims to help disadvantaged children from migrant workers’ families in Beijing.
Come and enjoy some freshly baked Christmas Cookies, German Lebkuchen and homemade waffles, while the lovely scent of roasted almonds and our secret recipe Gluehwine will fill the air.
Let’s celebrate kindness, charity and support or simply Christmas in the most sincere way!

当你从自制珠宝、护肤品、 零浪费产品、手工香皂、卡片插画、纯素糕点、美味的坚果酱、藏糖果,还有很多其他DIY的手工艺品中挑选特别礼物的同时,你也支持了本地的小生意。
如果你提倡一个完全无礼物的圣诞节,那么也还是可以过来的,不用买集市上的礼物,但是可以“送”礼物给有需要的孩子们。同样的,今年我们也将在我们美丽的圣诞树下收集礼物,这些礼物将被送到北京的非政府组织“流动儿童基金会” (MCF),其目的是帮助北京外来务工家庭的贫困儿童。

Merry Christmas!
Guloudongdajie No.46, Dongcheng District, 100009 Beijing, P.R. China

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