12.03.2023, 6pm-9pm

CANCELLED 取消 // Love for Turkey 关爱土耳其

Dear Guests,
unfortunately, today’s “Love for Turkey” earthquake relief event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience! For ticket refunds, please contact us at info@cafezarah.com. Thank you for your understanding!

Your Zarah Team

非常抱歉告诉大家,今天的“关爱土耳其”抗震救灾活动因不可预见的情况被迫取消。给您带来的不便,我们深表歉意!如需退票,请与我们联系info@cafezarah.com. 谢谢您的理解!

Zarah 团队
This Sunday, March 12th please join Zarah, Q Mex and Emre & Serdal from the Turkish Folk Music Duo to support earthquake relief in Turkey. As we have all heard, this is one of the most devastating natural disasters in the last 100 years. The earthquake has killed more than 50,000 people and has displaced millions more. The Beijing community has always shown up with big love to help out, not only for problems here at home but around the world. This event will support the Aylaz Family from Malatya, who have lost everything and are now living in a tent north of their destroyed city. The family consists of aunties and cousins of long-time Beijing residents and Zarah friends Yildiz and Deniz Demirel, whom the Beijing community knows and loves. The proceeds will go directly to the family’s relief, including healthcare for their pregnant sister-in-law and child.
本周日,3月12日,来和我们一起加入由Zarah和Q Mex,还有来自土耳其民间的音乐人Emre & Serda一起组织的支持土耳其抗震救灾活动吧!就像我们大家都知道的那样,这是过去100年来最具有破坏性的自然灾害之一。地震已造成五万多人死亡,数百万人流离失所。北京社会群体一直以来都在密切关注并积极提供帮助,这种关爱不仅在国内,而是遍布世界各地。此次活动将用于帮助来自土耳其马蒂亚的Aylaz家族,在地震中他们失去了一切,现在住在被摧毁的城市北部的帐篷里。这个家庭由长期居住在北京的阿姨和表亲及 Zarah的朋友Yildiz和Deniz Demirel提供帮助,他们是活跃在北京社会群体中的人并深受喜爱。所得款项将直接用于家庭救济,包括为怀孕的弟媳和孩子提供医疗保健。

Merdan Aylaz, 65 years old 65岁
Suna Aylaz, 57 years old 57岁
Celal Aylaz, 33 years old 33岁
Buket Aylaz, 33 years old, 7 months pregnant 33岁,怀孕28周
Aras Bulut Aylaz, 5 years old 5岁

From 6pm – 7pm the Emre & Serdal duo will present a selection of Turkish folk music with traditional Turkish instruments Baglama and Oud. The folk songs chosen for this concert describe the pain of the earthquake. The Folk Duo will also sing a lullaby to remember all the babies and children affected by the earthquake.
Emre 和 Serdal 使用传统的土耳其乐器 Baglama 和 Oud 演奏了精选的土耳其民间音乐。选择的民歌描述了地震的痛苦。Folk Duo 还将唱一首摇篮曲来缅怀所有受地震影响的婴儿和儿童。

Ticket price will be RMB 150 per person, including live music by Emre and Serdal Turkish Folk Music duo, 1 drink and 1 taco provided by Mexican restaurant Q Mex.
入场券为150元/人,包括Emre和Serdal土耳其民间音乐双人组的现场音乐,一杯饮品,和Q Mex餐厅提供的一份塔可。

All proceeds from ticket sales, taco sales & Zarah’s wine sales will be donated to Aylaz family.

Join us this Sunday and we’ll send your love, prayers and donations to the victims of this horrific natural disaster.
For ticket sales & donations 
The destroyed house of family Aylaz. Aylaz家庭地震中掉它的房子。
Guloudongdajie No.46, Dongcheng District, 100009 Beijing, P.R. China

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