27.10.2023, 7pm until late 至深夜

Halloween Party 万圣节爬梯

Halloween Party@Zarah
Celebrate the scariest month of the creepiest year at Zarah!
来Zarah 一起庆祝最恐怖一年中最恐怖的一天吧!

On Friday, October 27th Zarah is turning into a haunted house where bats and ghosts will be flying around, poisonous spiders hidden in their spiderwebs will be watching you and our live DJs will be playing some spooky tunes until you creep, float or crawl home!

We will have a whole night special on our Black Magic Gluehwine (RMB 50), brewed by witches of course, on our ROC Craft Cocktails (RMB 40) and also on our hauntingly delicious special Halloween Shots(RMB 20)to make sure you have a wicked good time at our Halloween Party! The Beer Monsters amongst will be very happy about our draft beer deal at RMB 40 per pint for both Jing-A & Mahou Lager.
Those who show up in their most frightening costumes will get a free shot on the haunted house!

我们也将会为你提供一整晚由女巫精心调制而成黑魔法热红酒,以及若渴鸡尾酒的特别优惠(50元/杯), 当然还有令人难以忘怀的特别万圣节Shot(20元/杯),以确保你能在我们的万圣节爬梯上玩的尽兴!啤酒怪兽们一定也会非常开心能以40元/杯的价格买到京A扎啤和马傲拉格。
10月27日 星期五,Zarah将会被装扮成一个“鬼屋”,各种蝙蝠、幽灵会到处飞来飞去,藏在蜘蛛网里的毒蜘蛛也会暗中盯着你,我们的现场DJ们也会演奏一些恐怖的调调,直到你“被吓的”爬回家!

Eat, drink, dance & be scary at Zarah until the bats fly home!

Happy, spooky Halloween!
Guloudongdajie No.46, Dongcheng District, 100009 Beijing, P.R. China

Opening hours 营业时间:
SUN-THU 周日之周四 10AM - 12PM
FRI+SAT 周五和周六 10AM - 1AM

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