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19.06.2021, 4pm-late 至深夜

Sunset wine Party

What about spending a chill-out afternoon in our beautiful courtyard accompanied by delightful “Sunset” soundtrack brought to you by some of Beijing’s best DJs and celebrate the start of the lazy alfresco wine & dine season?
This Saturday afternoon at 4pm we are launching our brand-new wine list with a “Sunset Wine Party”! Get a taste of our newcomers from France, Spain, Argentina and China with a very special deal!
We want to entice you to try some of our selected, high quality wines from our extensive wine list which we usually only sell by the bottle. Therefore some of our exclusive wines will be offered at RMB 40 by glass the whole night as a “Sunset Wine Party” special.
That’s not all! Our long-term wine supplier EMW will join the party with an exciting lucky draw! If you win, there are free bottles of our newcomer wines up for grabs! This event will be organized in cooperation between Zarah and EMW.
But we also have good news for our food-lovers!! If you have missed our breaded salmon filet and our filet mignon steaks – finally they are all back on our menu!!!
Join our “Sunset Wine Party” and sip your way through our new wine list paired with some delicious food & great music!!

See you on Saturday, June 19!

在Zarah美丽的院子里度过一个清凉的下午,伴着北京最好的DJ们为您带来的令人愉快的“日落” 音乐,共同庆祝慵懒户外酒宴季节的开始,怎么样呢?
好消息还不只如此!我们长期合作的葡萄酒供应商EMW也将参加此次活动,同时也将举办幸运大抽奖活动,如果你足够幸运被抽中的话,将免费获得一瓶新款葡萄酒呦!本次活动由 Zarah和 EMW共同合作组织。

那么 6月19日,周六见吧!
Guloudongdajie No.46, Dongcheng District, 100009 Beijing, P.R. China

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