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The Venue

Zarah’s venue consists of five areas which can be booked individually or together for private and corporate events.
The font area
THE yard
Back Room
Meeting room
The front area is 70sqm and can hold up to 80 people standing and 70 people sitting. It is a beautiful airy space with high ceilings and large windows to the street and the yard.
Size: 70sqm
People standing: 60-80
People seated: 36-70
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The yard is 62sq and perfect for warm summer nights. It is also possible to hold events in the yard in winter since we have a roof and heaters. 
Size: 62sqm
People standing: 50-70
People seated: 24-63
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The back room is 27sqm and suitable for smaller events.  
Size: 27sqm
People standing: 25
People seated: 15-20
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As the name says the meeting room is perfect for meetings, it has a large table in the middle and is equipped with a projector. Moreover, it has a beautiful view on our tree and the terrace. 
Size: 25sqm
People standing: 10-15
People seated: 13-14
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Our beautiful terrace is perfect for slightly larger events in summer. 
Size: 55sqm
People standing: 65
People seated: 40
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Guloudongdajie No.46, Dongcheng District, 100009 Beijing, P.R. China

Opening hours 营业时间:
SUN-THU 周日之周四 10AM - 12PM
FRI+SAT 周五和周六 10AM - 1AM

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