Starting from 24.12.2022 every night after 6pm
2022年12月24日起每晚 6 点以后

Cheese Fondue 奶酪火锅

Cheese Fondue, which was promoted as THE Swiss National Dish a century ago, simply means “dip-bits-of-food-in-a-communal-pot” similar to Chinese hotpot!
Instead of a spicy Sichuan pepper infused broth, the ceramic pot is filled with melted Swiss Gruyere & Emmentaler Cheese with a HINT of “Kirschwasser” and served with long-stemmed forks instead of chopsticks.
We will serve our Cheese Fondue with a variety of delicious dippers such as crunchy cubes of bread, a plate of vegetables, a mixed side of cornichons, pearl onions and cocktail tomatoes as well as a bowl of pineapple, which you can dip into your bubbling pot!
So also this winter, you are not alone! There is always a bubbling pot waiting for you at Zarah after 6pm.

Reservation highly recommended! 强烈建议您提前预约!
+86 10 84039807
Cheese Fondue Prices 奶酪火锅价格:
RMB 338 set for two /2位
RMB 169 every additional person 增加的每位
RMB 98 Kids (6-12 years old 6-12岁的孩子)
Top up cheese 奶酪续锅 RMB 108 (regular 1 pers. portion 普通一人份量)
Guloudongdajie No.46, Dongcheng District, 100009 Beijing, P.R. China

Opening hours 营业时间:
SUN-THU 周日之周四 10AM - 12PM
FRI+SAT 周五和周六 10AM - 1AM

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