03.12.2023, 10am-2pm

Nikolaus Brunch

Did you know that the true story of our beloved, jolly Christmas icon Santa Claus begins with Nikolaus (in German) or Saint Nicholas (in English) or Sinterklaas (in Dutch), a fourth-century Greek Christian bishop from the Mediterranean city of Myra in present-day Turkey? Surprise! Yup, he was neither from the North Pole, nor a reindeer-sled driver!

In fact, Nikolaus had inherited a huge sum of money which he gave away to the sick and those in need. He became known for his generosity and his love for children, a story that eventually evolved into an elf-loving, toy factory owner… Yes, a bit far from the truth, but we get the idea. To this day, St. Nicolas is celebrated throughout Europe, and the traditions of giving gifts, merrymaking, and hearty laughter still give us light and love!

On Sunday December 3rd, Zarah is commemorating St. Nicolas’ generosity with a delicious Sunday Brunch and a fun-filled kid’s Christmas Corner! Our Sunday Brunch will feature Christmas delights like Yorkshire pudding, Pork Neck Steak, German Lebkuchen, Christmas cookies, roasted candied almonds, Christmas Santas, along with brunch classics, including cheese and cold-cut platters, smoked salmon, freshly baked breads & croissants. Our special Christmas Corner will have several fun Christmas activities for the little ones, like making handicrafts, playing games, and receiving Christmas socks filled with chocolate, not coal!
And if you are in the mood for extra merriness, we recommend our all-you-can-eat-and-drink option which includes free flow of beers, high quality wines, sparkling wine, Zarah’s secret-recipe cocktails as well as our famous mulled “Gluehwine” as a Christmas special.
So, whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year, come join us for this cosy and warm Christmas gathering! 
10:00 – 14:00 Christmas-inspired brunch buffet 圣诞灵感自助早午餐
12:00 – 14:00 Kids Christmas Activities 儿童圣诞活动

Brunch Buffet Prices

RMB 228 All-you-can-eat
RMB 388 All you can eat & drink (3 hours free-flow) 
Reservation highly recommended!
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