13.06.-07.08.2024 Vernissage 13.06.2024, 7pm

A Pocketful of Rainbows: Photography Embroidery Exhibition

Welcome to "A Pocketful of Rainbows," an immersive photographic embroidery exhibition by PUNKFUNK, also known as FongFong. This collection features 71 meticulously captured film photographs that chronicle the cities she has wandered through, the fleeting moments that have touched her, the timeless landscapes, the vibrant pulse of everyday life, her bashful friends, and the strangers encountered along the way.

Film photography, much like the process of life, is an art of patience and anticipation. Each photograph in this collection embodies the ephemeral nature of existence, akin to a rainbow that appears and vanishes after a rain shower. These captured moments are FongFong’s attempt to gather life’s transient beauty into a single pocket, though some fragments inevitably slip away. Through this process, she has learned to embrace the fluidity and transformation inherent in life, acknowledging the natural rhythm of emotions and experiences.

The act of embroidering on film photographs is a deeply personal and therapeutic journey for PUNKFUNK. It is a way of stitching melodies into visuals, giving voice to the unspoken whispers of her heart. Each embroidered piece in this exhibition not only enhances the visual narrative but also transforms the photograph into a tactile, multifaceted artwork.

About PUNKFUNK (aka FongFong)

Born in Fuzhou in 1986, PUNKFUNK graduated from the Lacquer Painting Department and has since forged a diverse creative path. She is a freelance creator, window display designer, stylist, handcrafter, and also bravely manages tenosynovitis. Her multifaceted talents and unique perspective converge in this exhibition, offering a glimpse into her world where photography and embroidery blend seamlessly to tell profound stories of human experience and emotion.


Experience "A Pocketful of Rainbows" and let the vibrant tapestries of life, captured through FongFong’s lens and needle, inspire and resonate with your own journey.