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Natura Morta

Nina Dillenz 石霓那
In art history “Natura Morta” describes a painting style that depicts objects, flowers and fruit. The Latin “Natura Morta” translates to “Dead Nature”.
Nina Dillenz’s works converge on the visible clash between the natural and the artificial, one eventually dominating or restricting the other, yet their conflict creates an aesthetical image. “Natura Morta” emulates still lives through photography: Parts of plants appear frozen behind a thin plastic layer, resembling dark oil paintings. Butterfly pupae hatch arranged by human hand, a moth smudges against a windshield as an abstract pattern.
What then lurks behind our perception of beauty? 
Are the ideas of equality and equilibrium an unachievable illusion?
Are we capable of discerning the natural from the artificial?

在艺术史上,“Natura Morta” 是一种描述静物、花朵和水果的绘画风格。拉丁语 “Natura Morta” 翻译为“死亡的自然”。
石霓那的作品集中体现了自然和人工之间的明显冲突,一方最终控制或约束了另一方,但它们的冲突创造了一种美学的形象。“Natura Morta”通过摄影仿效静物:植物的一部分被冻结在一层薄薄的塑料层后面,像深色油画。蝴蝶蛹的孵化由人安排,一只蛾子在挡风玻璃上留下抽象的图案。

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