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31.10.2021, 10am – 3pm

SPOOK-tacular Brunch

10:00 – 15:00 SPOOK-tacular Sunday Brunch
12:00 – 15:00 Kids Halloween Activities with MAMONAHI

Join our SPOOK-tacular Brunch on Sunday, October 31st and celebrate the scariest day of the year at Zarah! This year the theater dance company MAMONAHI will join us with a SPOOKY corner (12am – 3pm) on our second floor! Marco Nuti and Blanca Rosa Rasmussen will organize plenty of fun-filled kids’ activities such as face paintings, ghost bowling, pumpkin stomp, spider web walking as well as a “Best Evil Laugh” contest etc. There will be also a special art class for our future artists.
Zarah will be turned into a Haunted Café, where you can enjoy our all-you-can-eat brunch buffet, featuring some frightening Halloween specials such as Spider Deviled Eggs, Rotten Spaghetti, Coconut Hummus Bats, Cups of Dirt, Sweet Ghosts etc.
Our Sunday brunch classics including different kinds of cheese & cold cuts, smoked salmon, freshly baked bread & croissants, live egg-cooking & DIY-jianbing stations will be available as well.
So, get the little ones dressed up and let them have fun with Blanca & Marco, while you lean back and get pampered with wickedly good delicacies.
And if you want to get sheet-faced as Casper the Friendly ghost, you can choose the all-you-can-eat-and-drink option (RMB 338), with 3 hours free flow Jing-A beer, high quality wines, prosecco and fresh and seasonal secret-recipe cocktails!

Happy spooky Halloween!

10月31日,星期日来Zarah,加入我们的万圣节早午餐,一起来庆祝一年中最恐怖的月份吧!今年,戏剧舞蹈公司马莫娜艺将会加入我们的行列,并会在我们的二楼组织一个令人毛骨悚然的幽灵角(12:00-15:00)!Marco Nuti和Blanca Rosa Rasmussen会安排许多充满乐趣的儿童活动,比如面部彩绘,魔鬼保龄球,南瓜跺脚,蜘蛛网行走,还有“最佳邪恶的微笑”比赛等。除此之外,她们还将为我们未来的艺术家们举办一个特别的艺术班。
所以,让小家伙们装扮起来,让他们和Blanca & Marco一起玩耍,而你就可以舒服的窝在座位上享受万圣节美味佳肴了!

Halloween Brunch Buffet Prices 万圣节早午餐价格
RMB 228 ALL YOU CAN EAT / 随便吃 incl. one drink 包含一杯饮品
RMB 338 ALL YOU CAN EAT & DRINK / 随便吃+畅饮
RMB 150 KIDS HALLOWEEN BRUNCH/ 儿童万圣节早午餐 (6 – 12 years 6到12岁)*
* Note: Halloween activities organized by MAMONAHI are included in the Kids Brunch at RMB 150 per kid (6-12 years). For their own safety kids below 6 years old HAVE to be accompanied by a parent to join the activities.
Zarah Halloweenbrunch
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