31.12.2022, 7pm – late 晚上七点到结束

New Year 70s Disco Fondue Party 新年70年代迪斯科奶酪火锅趴体

If you think of the 1970s, cheese fondue might not exactly what comes to your mind…
But did you know that besides lava lamps, skating, Atari video games, and of course disco music legends like ABBA, Bee Gees and Jackson 5, bubbling pots of melted Swiss cheese were all the rage in the 70s, especially in the US, Australia and UK? The post-war Zeitgeist was inspired by "acknowledging the otherness“, and hence Swiss cheese fondue became an “exotic” dinner meal choice. As a result, “Disco-Fondue-Parties” were the hot thing to do in the 70s.
So, we are going to revive the “Great Fondue Craze” this New Year’s Eve with a “70s Disco Cheese-Fondue Party” at Zarah!
On the very last day of 2022, we will prepare our delicious cheese fondue, which will come with a free flow buffet of various popular dippers, delicious appetizers and homemade desserts (7pm -10pm). All night long and into the early hours of the morning, we will also be bringing you into the right mood with the biggest hits of 70s. Travel back in time to the tumultuous decade of social movements, while enjoying your last Cheese Fondue in this decade! Guests showing up dressed in their 70s best will get a drink on the house.
Let’s welcome 2023 together at Zarah and dance the night away to greatest hits of 70s, while surrounded by mirror balls and groovy decorations.
Zarah wishes you peace, LOVE and ultimate happiness in the new year!

但是你知道吗?在70年代,除了熔岩灯、滑冰、阿塔利电子游戏,当然还有像ABBA 、Bee Gees和麦克逊5这样的迪斯科传奇音乐,融化了的瑞士奶酪泡泡罐也曾经风靡一时,尤其在当时的美国、澳大利亚和英国。战后时代精神的灵感来源于“承认差异”,因此瑞士奶酪火锅成为了一种“异国情调”的晚餐选择。所以,“迪斯科奶酪火锅派对”也是70年代的热门话题。


Disco Cheese-Fondue Buffet 迪斯科奶酪火锅自助 (7pm – 10pm)
RMB 268 /Person 位 (incl. welcome drink 包含一杯饮品)
RMB 108 / Kids 6-12 years 6-12 岁孩子
RMB 108 / Person 位 Top up cheese 加奶酪
Reservation of minimum 2 persons needed.

RSVP: 30th December 2022
010 -84039807 /
Note: Zarah will be closed on January 1st, 2023.
温馨提示:Zarah2023 年1月1日关门不营业,1月2日10点正常营业!


02.02.–29.02.23 Vernissage 开幕式 02.02.23, 7pm

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