10.09.2022, 2pm-8pm

nugget 小块儿 x ZARAH: 为自然的艺术 Art for Nature

Celebrate NATURE this coming Saturday at Zarah!
With our annual event “Art for Nature” we aim to increase awareness of environmental protection and a sustainable lifestyle together with volunteering local artists!
This year nugget, the quaint neighbourhood cafe/bar off of Beiluoguxiang, known for their tiny stage concerts and arts events, will be joining us through sound, sight and taste!
Don’t miss this hutong collaboration event - nugget x Zarah - featuring live music, window paintings, special cocktails & nugget’s signature playlist!
Starting at 2pm, nugget will be controlling the Zarah sound system with their signature playlist comprising of Chinese indie rock & pop tracks.
Also at this time, a group of Beijing-based visual artists will begin the live mural paintings which will span all of our sizeable windows.
From 4:30 to 5pm acoustic singer-songwriter, Hazel Shang 竹子, will serenade listeners with a live performance of her fresh take on folk music with hints of bossa nova.

Throughout the day, a sampling of cocktails that nugget regulars will recognize from the Beiluoguxiang bar, will be available for sipping on at Zarah. This is a cross over that is guaranteed to charm all your senses!
So, stop on by, and experience nugget, at Zarah and support local artists for their enthusiasm & commitment for the environment!
See you at Zarah!

不要错过这次——“小块儿x Zarah”的胡同活动,其中包括现场音乐、橱窗画、特调鸡尾酒和小块儿的专属播放列表!
从16:30到17:00,独立唱作人Hazel Shang 竹子将在现场表演她颇具bossa nova风格的民族音乐。一整天,小块儿将在Zarah供应从本店带来的招牌鸡尾酒!这是一次让你的所有感官都收获到丰富体验的活动!

Art for nature

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