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Vernissage 开幕式 22.12.22, 7pm

T-manifest T恤表现

Setare Soheili
Beijing-based graphic designer Setare Soheili, in this collection, is mainly focused on Street photography and the ways people express themselves through their fashion choices and how they change Popular culture at the same time. She’s captured a series of ordinary people in different urban situations, minding their own business to engage her audience with what she calls “T-ManifeStaion”: “. . . I used to spend at least 2 hours commuting on the subway. At first, it felt like being frozen in a small box, but the story started to unfold before my eyes piece by piece, just like a jigsaw puzzle. In this collection, I’ve tried to capture the unique and mesmerizing manifestation of design on a simple T-shirt that people might wear on the street. Here, it’s not the posters that bring me to the World of Design: Everything happens outside the studio, by people, on city streets.

Setare Soheili是一名坐标北京的平面设计师,在本作品集中,她主要聚焦街头摄影,以及人们如何通过自己的时尚选择来进行自我表达并改变流行文化。她通过捕捉一系列处在不同城市环境中专注于自己事务的普通人,用她所谓的“T恤表现”来吸引观众。
Exhibition @Cafezarah T-manifest

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