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Autumn Drinks menu

Just in time to catch the short, mini-mini, almost cute Beijing-Autumn before the capital’s everlasting, merciless, harsh winter kicks in, we are happy to announce that our new Autumn Drinks Menu is ready!


Zarah Autumn Drinks

Autumnbreeze 秋风
Gin, homemade apple-cinnamon juice, fresh lemon juice, real maple syrup, fresh thyme

Zarah Autumn Drinks

Apple Harvest 苹果大丰收
Homemade apple-cinnamon juice, apple juice, fresh lemon juice topped with soda water, served with fresh apple slices
含有自制苹果肉桂汁,苹果汁,新鲜黄柠汁和苏打,搭配 新鲜苹果片

Zarah Autumn Drinks

Lullaby 摇篮曲
Yellow rice wine, peach liquor, red wine, fresh lemon juice, lemon leaves, dwarf lily turf root, sprite
黄酒,桃子利口酒,红葡萄酒,新鲜柠檬汁,柠檬叶,麦冬, 雪碧

Zarah Autumn Drinks

Pipa Rooibos Tea 琵琶博士茶
Homemade Rooibos tea with traditional Chinese loquat fruit syrup, red dates and ginger

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